Hi everyone and thank you for stumbling upon my blog here,

I am not going to introduce myself since it’s my page. This is an introduction to what’s about to happen here.

If you somehow found this blog through something (somewhere) else, read about me here.

I had this idea of blogging for quite a long time.

It all started since I did my MA in Fine Art Digital (then it was at Camberwell college of arts, now – Central Saint Martins) and we were required to have a reflective journal online (visible for peers and tutors). While it was a tough start, it helped me to strengthen my practice, be my own critic and look for solutions rather than hating for not understanding ‘what’s next?’. After I graduated, I kept reflecting my work, but only in my sketchbook and diary, because now it’s for me and up to me. However, I missed the whole process and thought I could share my knowledge and information about certain aspects when making art or being an artist (yeah, that’s not the direction I’m going any more). I am still growing as an artist, but I feel that I finally owe what I do and am proud of what I have done (and about to do).

So, in this blog, I will be talking about
process, methods and methodologies

I am not going to write reviews, articles, where I would be comparing and using other artists’ works. I, obviously, from time to time will use some references and give some examples.

I am going to write about my practice. How I research, think, sketch, make, fail, experiment… Nothing fancy, just process.

(I might get comfortable with sharing something else too. Nothing is set in stone)

Often, the process behind becomes unimportant or forgotten once you have a finished piece. Some like to keep it as a secret so they could stay authentic (or other reasons), but when I think of an artwork, it isn’t just about admiring the final result, the image, the idea behind but admiring how it’s made. Some will disagree with me, but the process is important for others. It’s important for personal growth and seeking quality. It’s not stealing, it’s sharing already existing methods and technologies (or materials). Whatever you think you invented, will be soon reinvented and probably 10 times better. It might be uncomfortable to hear, but it’s true. I am not the first and the last one making hand-drawn animations either. I think I have my way of making it, but I don’t think I invented anything new. It was all research and some and other bits were stolen inspired me.

I hope my explanations and writings will make some sense to you. I definitely will be providing a lot of visual information (also, who likes to read a lot?)

Moreover, I would like to mention that I am not a writer. Most likely this blog won’t be filled with super polished posts, because I want this page to be accessible to all kinds of artists; whether you are a student, emerging, established or dreaming to be an artist. Or curious. Or you’re easily distracted, or don’t know English well. So do I. My intention is not adding as many words as possible to get that word count. I think the difficulty of the language is not important here. I am here to share and I made my peace with how I express myself.

Thank you for reading and don’t forget to share your thoughts and comments. Just don’t forget to be nice to each other if there is a discussion. Constructive criticism is welcome, but bullying is not tolerated.


P.s. this blog came to life because of the awesome individual artist grant I got from Lithuanian council for culture.

P.p.s. keep an eye for future posts!

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